Túnel d’Envalira is committed to protecting the environment, and for this reason enforces strict operational procedures that allow the company to be ISO 14001 certified.

Respecting the environment and protecting the project´s valuable natural surroundings have been, since the very beginning of Túnel d’Envalira, critical aspects to Globalvia.

During the construction phase several measures were taken to regenerate and protect the project´s natural surroundings, such as the following:

  • The construction area was reduced as much as possible, keeping natural paths unscathed;
  • Cut downs were very strictly controlled, guaranteeing that the impact to the environment was reduced to the minimum;
  • Every cut down was studied individually to preserve as many forested areas as possible;
  • In every operation, areas and times where animal reproduction takes place were avoided to minimize disruption and avoid species from leaving the area; and
  • Extensive hydro-seeding was performed where the quality of the ground allowed.

In order to guarantee the perfect integration between Túnel d´Envalira´s operations and the project´s natural surroundings, different tasks are regularly performed:

  • Landscaping, pruning, mowing and maintenance of natural vegetation, as well as ornamental plants, is undertaken annually to keep them in an optimal state;
  • Testing all closing fences is periodically performed to avoid access of animals to the road;
  • Continuous replanting trees in appropriate locations to reinforce the natural replacement cycles in the area; and
  • Watering of landscaped and forested areas during the summer as needed.